For those of you buying fixer-uppers to rehab and resell, we’re the people you should get to know.  We come across properties all the time that require repairs and updating.

We keep it really simple.  Once you fill out and submit the form below you’re automatically added to our wholesale buyers list.  When we put a piece of property under contract to offer for wholesale, we send out an email or text to our buyers list with information about the property.  Information, including the starting price, site visit details, and bid deadlines, will be distributed to all of our buyers at the same time.  The winning bidder will have to show proof of funds and be able to close within five days.  It’s that simple.  You are never under any obligation to buy or even bid on any house that we offer through our campaigns.

This system allows you to do what you need to do, which is work on your projects, without stopping to chase potential deals that more often than not lead to dead ends.  How many days have you wasted in the last year chasing the proverbial wild goose, just to find out that it wasn’t really a deal, or someone else beat you to it?

It doesn’t get any easier that this.  Fill out and submit the form below today!

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