howard-betsyAre you looking to get some tips for selling a house in a quick manner? Then Maverick Homes, Inc. is the real estate investment company for you. We work directly with homeowners to get their homes sold fast no matter the situation. We understand that emergencies are not planned and bad things can happen to anyone, so we are here to help you through any home selling situation you may be going through. Maverick Homes, Inc. does not want you to have to deal with high commission rates, or the long periods of time it takes to sell a house with a realtor or on your own. We want to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Entering into a risky deal that you’re uncomfortable with is not the way we work. Maverick Homes Inc. wants to give you tips for selling a house that actually help you with your situation. If you are getting close to being foreclosed on, selling your home fast is what you want and we can help you. Maverick Homes, Inc. invests in houses even if they are in less than perfect condition. We help to eliminate the pain of having to make repairs on a home you want to sell.

When we sign a contract with you we will only do it if we know that it will be beneficial to both parties. If we feel that we are not the best option for you we will help you find what is best for you. Maverick Homes, Inc. wants to help you and your family move forward, so come to us we have the tips you need for selling your house and we will work to get you where you need to be for a long a prosperous future.

Contact Howard or Betsy Zub with Maverick Homes, Inc. so you can stop stressing over having to sell your home. We will consider your situation and find the solutions that work best for you. Call us today 719-377-2274, we are waiting for your call!