We’ve worked with all kinds of people in foreclosure; each one of them unique and special.  There are many reasons people find themselves in foreclosure.  Here are a few that we’ve run across:

  • Medical bills
  • Re-financed into a bad Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Job loss
  • Temporary job loss, then a mortgage company that wouldn’t work with them
  • Scammed by thieves who looked and sounded like attorneys, who took money upfront to work on a re-finance that never happened (AND these thieves were from out-of-state, so the victims never recovered the $5,000 they paid upfront!)
  • Mortgage company said to stop making payments while they negotiated a re-finance that never happened – then the mortgage company demanded all back payments in full, immediately

So you can see that many people in foreclosure aren’t lazy, they aren’t stupid, and they aren’t bad people.  Just people who need a hand up . . . and that’s where Maverick Homes Inc. comes in!

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, it’s vitally important that you know and understand your rights and responsibilities!  Maverick Homes Inc. can help!

For your reference, here is a list of 10 options homeowners have when they’re in foreclosure.   

  1. Principal Reduction Modification
  2. Loan Modification
  3. Forbearance Agreement
  4. Subject to
  5. Short Sale
  6. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  7. Deed-in-lieu
  8. Try to sell your home with a Realtor
  9. Re-finance your mortgage
  10. Do nothing and lose your home

We have more information we would be happy to share with you, but due to the risk of it being construed as legal advice we will not post it here nor offer it as a download.  Contact us using the form below and we would be happy to follow up with you personally.  Just remember – there is hope!  Maverick Homes Inc. can help!

 DISCLAIMER: Each person’s situation is different, so some of the options listed above may not be right for your situation. This information is not legal advice and is not a substitute for professional legal advice.