howard-betsyMaverick Homes, Inc. wants to help you with the tips you need for selling your house in order to make your home selling experience a decent one. If you are faced with an unfortunate situation of having to sell your home because of foreclosure or another situation, let Maverick Homes, Inc. work with you to ensure that you get the best options when it comes to your home selling needs. We believe in making sure that no contract is signed unless it is going to be beneficial to both parties.

Whether your home is in excellent shape or is in less than perfect condition we will help to get the situation you are in under control. Maverick Homes, Inc. helps to make your home selling journey stress free by eliminating the stress of high commission rates, having to repair your home and many other stresses that may come along. The tips we offer for selling your house are what helps to separate us from other real estate professionals and gives an edge to what we do. Maverick Homes, Inc. analyzes each situation individually so that we can find out what solution is best for you and your family. We only want to shake hands on a deal that is going to be good for everyone.

Maverick Homes, Inc. is the real estate investment company to choose. We will help to give you all the tips you need for selling a house, and we keep the journey as worry- free as possible, and to help you avoid the hassle of going through a realtor or selling the home yourself.  Maverick Homes, Inc. wants to invest in your house so that you can be stress free about having to sell. Contact Howard or Betsy Zub of Maverick Homes, Inc. today, so you and your family can start moving towards a better future.