Ask anyone who may be faced with difficult financial decisions about selling a house. Selling a house can be one of the most stressful undertakings, especially if you’re unfamiliar with current laws and regulations or if you haven’t the time to spend on lengthy negotiations or non-performing realtors.

selling a house

Howard and Betsy Zub at Maverick Homes Inc. will help relieve the anxiety that comes with selling your home, with solutions that work best in tough economic times. Why are we so successful? Maverick Homes are investors who work directly with homeowners who may be faced with the threat of losing their home to foreclosure and need to sell their home quickly to allow them to move past difficult times and start fresh.

We understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people and situations may occur when selling a house is the only option. We also believe that these types of difficulties should not define the rest of our lives. Maverick Homes is in the business of helping people progress through trying times so that they’re able to take a deep breath and realize that they can and do have the ability to create brighter futures for themselves and their families!

When you chose to work with us, you’ll soon understand why we’re known to be honest and reliable to those needing our assistance swiftly. Our clients know that we will never enter into a transaction unless it’s a clear benefit for all parties involved.
We want our clients to understand that selling a house doesn’t have to cause them angst. Maverick Homes helps relieve the stress homeowners face because we buy houses FAST and in any condition.

There are no worries about if and when the home sells, no pricey realtor fees or compromising sale prices. What’s more, you won’t fret on having to sell the house on your own.

Contact Maverick Homes today and find out why Howard and Betsy Zub are experts in getting your home sold quickly and in your best interest.