howard-betsyWhen it comes to selling a house, owners usually hope for a quick sale, especially if they’ve already purchased a new house, need to settle an estate or want to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy. If you’re a home owner looking to save thousands on your house by selling it yourself, but are afraid that its condition will keep you from getting a decent price or getting it off the market quickly, you should consider calling Maverick Homes Inc. We’re a real estate investment company that specializes in buying hard-to-sell homes directly from home owners.

Working with a real estate agency could delay the sale process. Selling your house on your own through a For Sale By Owner process is stressful, time-consuming, and even unrealistic if you don’t have real estate experience or a significant amount of time to devote to marketing and listing your home. Why go through the hassle and inconvenience of marching prospective buyers through your house, weekend after weekend?

Our services are also appealing to sellers who don’t have enough equity to pay off the mortgage or realtor, or who need to cut insurance costs associated with a vacant house or liquidate assets for a divorce.

Aside from offering this excellent alternative to people with hard-to-sell homes, we’ve modeled the house selling portion of our business around helping people attain their piece of the American Dream through home ownership.  Banks have made it difficult to qualify for mortgage loans.  A person with good credit will need a 10 to 20 percent down payment to apply for a traditional mortgage loan, and someone with poor credit may need 30 to 35 percent down—an unattainable amount for many.  We only require 3 to 5 percent down when we sell to tenant-buyers.. Because it often takes five years for people to repair their credit score, we also often extend our Lease to Own terms out as far as five years.

If you’re an owner looking to sell your house quickly, we’ll take it off your hands, even if it needs repairs and has zero curb appeal. Learn more about selling your house here or call 719-377-2274.