howard-betsyAre you considering selling a home in Colorado Springs?  Did you know that if you sell your home through a Realtor, the normal commission in the Colorado Springs area is 6%?  If you are thinking about selling a home in the Colorado Springs area, contact Howard and Betsy Zub of Maverick Homes Inc. to learn how you can sell your home quickly with no realtor commissions! 

Howard and Betsy are not realtors, they are investors.  They don’t want to list your home for sale, the want to buy it!  You may be asking yourself, so how does that work?  Here’s how:

If you are serious about selling a home, call Howard and Betsy at 719-377-2274.  There’s no waiting around to see if anyone is interested enough to inquire.  No last minute showings.  No picky buyers trudging through your home.  No sleazy lowball offers.  If you’re serious about selling a home, Howard and Betsy are serious about buying!  719-377-2274

Howard and Betsy will make you a fair value offer.  They’ll even let you pick the closing date.  If you don’t like the offer, there’s never any pressure.  Howard and Betsy will never transact if it’s not a win-win for both parties.

When you’re serious about selling a home, call Maverick Homes Inc. at 719-377-2274, and ask for Howard or Betsy.  You’ll be in good hands!