006 howard 5x7If you or someone you know, want to sell your house fast – in any condition and at the best price, then read this important information carefully. We offer solutions for distressed homeowners. We buy houses FAST, and in any condition!

So you want to sell your house.  Have you considered all your options?  Most people think there are only two choices: (1) List it with a real estate agent, or (2) Sell it yourself.  My name is Howard Zub, of Maverick Homes Inc.  Maverick Homes is proud to offer you a third option, that for many people is the best and for some the only practical option.  Maverick Homes buys houses in Colorado Springs.  We offer solutions for distressed homeowners.  We buy houses FAST, and in any condition!

When you list your house with a real estate agent you should expect it to take 3 to 6 months or even longer, just to get an offer.  Do you have that much time?  And what if the best offer an agent can bring is below your margin? YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY THE REALTOR COMMISSION OF 4% to 6%!!  Ouch!! Can you afford to do that? Do you have enough equity in your house to cover advertising costs, closing costs, Realtor commissions, and moving costs? If so, do you really want to pay someone else just so you can leave your home?

Cost isn’t the only issue. When you list your house with a real estate agent you and your family should be prepared for agents parading picky buyers through your home at inconvenient times, and at the drop of a hat. Does that suit your lifestyle?

So how about selling it yourself? Sure, you can put a sign in the yard and list your home on Craigslist. That would save a big chunk of money that you would have paid a Realtor, but it doesn’t get your house sold any faster. In fact, it will probably take longer and net you less.

If you sell your house yourself, then YOU have to meet with the picky buyers and listen to them nit-pick about the color of your daughter’s bedroom, and the tiny chip in the bathroom mirror.  Sound like fun? What happens when the negotiations begin?  Are you a skilled and unbiased negotiator? Are you prepared to offer the seller concessions most buyers will demand? Are you familiar with real estate forms and contracts? Can you prepare and explain an Offer of Purchase and Sale, much less any unusual complicated matter that may be involved in your transaction?

If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, the you’re in luck! We have a better solution! For many this is the best option, and for some it is the only solution. We are real estate investors, and we buy houses in Colorado Springs. We buy them fast, and in any condition!

Facing any of these common yet unfortunate challenges?

  • Need to settle an estate?
  • Want to avoid the additional insurance costs and risks of a vacant house?
  • Need to liquidate assets for divorce?
  • Want to sell but don’t have enough equity to pay off the mortgage and the Realtor?
  • Bought a new house but still need to sell the old one?
  • Want to sell but can’t afford the prepayment penalties?
  • Tired of being a landlord?
  • House needs repairs but you don’t want to repair just so you can sell?
  • Need to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy

Consider the Benefits of Working with Maverick Homes Inc.

  • A fair price!
  • A quick sale!
  • Avoid the intrusion of picky buyers and lowball offers!
  • No need to pay for renovations or deal with contractors!
  • You get to keep the equity you’ve worked so hard to create!
  • We make the whole process easy and stress free!

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