Interested in finding new homes for sale so that you may raise a family or plant your roots? Or, maybe you want monthly rent payments to start working for you through tax breaks and long-term financial benefits. There are many positive reasons to become a homeowner. Whatever your reason, Howard and Betsy Zub at Maverick Homes can help you achieve your pursuit of purchasing your own home!

new homes for sale

At Maverick Homes we understand that there may be difficulties that stand in the way of becoming a homeowner because sometimes, bad things happen to good people and occasionally good people make bad decisions. We believe that mistakes shouldn’t define the rest of one’s life and purchasing new homes for sale shouldn’t be off the table to those of us who make mistakes. Everyone deserves to own a piece of the American Dream!

Since the collapse of the financial and housing markets several years ago, banks and other mortgage lenders have made it more difficult than ever for buyers with less than perfect credit to qualify for mortgage loans. Today, even for those with good credit to qualify for a conventional mortgage loan, lenders require 10- 20 percent monies down. And those who have less than perfect credit or a poor credit history may be required to put down even higher down payments to qualify, and still have to pay higher interest rates, or even worse, they may be turned down outright.

Maverick Homes are investors who work directly with homeowners and we believe in second chances! We’ve modeled our business around helping individuals attain their dream of home ownership. We’ve developed a Lease-to-Own program that breaks down many of the barriers to home ownership!

Contact Howard and Betsy Zub today so that they may begin to help you find new homes for sale that could be your new home!