Wondering how to buy a home if you have less than perfect or poor credit? Maverick Homes may be the right solution for you and your family. We are investors who work directly with homeowners and we believe in second chances. We’ve modeled our business plan around helping individuals attain the dream of home ownership. We’ve developed a Lease-to-Own program that breaks down many of the barriers to home ownership.

how to buy a home

We don’t let the barriers of your credit score stand in the way of purchasing a home. We understand that sometimes good people make mistakes. We don’t check credit scores to qualify our tenant buyers. We think that credit scores are a look backwards and we’re more concerned about the future, so we require a few important verifications.

At Maverick Homes, here’s how to buy a home: providing proof of income, references from prior landlords and small down payments of 3-5 percent of the value of the home, it’s just that simple.

It’s been our experience that for those individuals who are serious about starting fresh and becoming homeowners, the down payment requirement is usually attainable. We believe that when you want to become the owner of your home, anything is possible.

We also believe that when someone has made bad financial decisions that has left them with a damaged credit history, it often takes as many as five years of good credit history to repair credit scores that will qualify them for reasonable mortgage loan terms and rates. That is why we believe most people deserve a second chance!

Let us show you an easy way of how to buy a home for those who strive to recover from the unfortunate circumstances of past financial mistakes. When you decide to buy from us, we’ll gather information about your situation and your needs. Contact us today and let us help you become a homeowner!