Are you interested in houses for sale by owner or are you a homeowner who is considering selling your own home? If so, there are important points about this type of sale to consider. Selling your home yourself will indeed save you from having to pay realtor fees, but it probably won’t get your home sold any faster, contrarily, it may take longer and net you less from the sale.

houses for sale by owner

Maverick Homes offers homeowners a different option to sell their homes which may be the most practical route for many people. We buy houses FAST and in any condition! How do we do it? We are investors who work directly with homeowners who may be challenged with the risk of losing their house to foreclosure and need to sell their home immediately.
Selling houses for sale by owner puts much of the pressure on those who are in the predicament of having to move quickly with selling their home. By working with Maverick Homes, our goal is to take that stress away and allow homeowners to move past difficult times and have the opportunity to start fresh.

Once you put the sign in your yard alerting the community you’re selling the house yourself, it indicates you have the time and ability to show the house to prospective buyers, you are willing to negotiate price, are prepared to offer seller concessions that many buyers demand, and have an understanding of the complex laws and regulations of real estate forms and contracts that go with houses for sale by owner.

Also, consider whether you are prepared to negotiate through the process of being responsible for selling your own home. Or, most importantly, whether you have the time to wait through the often lengthy process.

When working with us, you can be certain that we will never enter into a transaction unless it’s clearly beneficial for all involved. Contact Howard and Betsy Zub at Maverick Homes today, they are waiting to assist you!

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