howard-betsyWhen it comes to selling a home, property owners have three options: They can go the Home For Sale By Owner (FSBO, “fizbo”) route and sell it themselves; they can hire a real estate agency or broker to spearhead the often complicated sale and legal process, or they can call Maverick Homes.

Maverick Homes Inc. is a real estate investment company that specializes in helping homeowners by buying homes that are hard to sell—homes that are old, out of date or in need of repairs. We’re proud to offer this third option to distressed sellers who are struggling to close on their homes.

Maybe you don’t want to pay the 3 to 6 percent commission for a real estate service.  A commission rate of 6 percent is more than $16,000 for a single family home in the $275,000 price range.

The number of home for sale by owner agreements has increased in the years after the housing marketing experienced its worst slump in 20 years. People go this route simply because they want to get as much as they can from the sale of their property.

However, undertaking the enormous task of marketing, negotiating and closing on the house by yourself can be overwhelming and quite laborious. While some people might actively seek out homes that are for sale by owner, other prospective homebuyers might feel less at ease about making such a large purchase without the presence of a certified real estate expert.

The Maverick Homes option means eliminating the hassle of either option, especially if your home has zero curb appeal.

If you’re having a difficult time selling your home, let’s discuss your options. You can start by giving us information about your property by filling out our Fast Response Form. Or feel free to give us a call at 719-377-2274.