We are Howard and Betsy Zub, and we would be honored to assist you in buying  a house or meeting your other real estate needs.  We can assist with almost any real estate need, but our primary focus is on three things:

Helping homeowners in foreclosure.  We know from experience that sometimes bad things happen to good people.  We understand the foreclosure process, and we know the options and responsibilities homeowners have when their house is in foreclosure.  If you wish to stay in your house, we can discuss ways to help you accomplish that, or at the very least, extend the time you have to remain in your home.  For more information visit this page or contact us now at 719-377-2274.

Helping homeowners with hard-to-sell properties.  Let’s face it, some houses are just hard to sell. The house may need repairs or be over-leveraged, or the homeowner may simply need to sell quickly and can’t afford to wait for a market upswing. For whatever reason you need to sell, Maverick Homes buys houses. To learn more about selling your house to Maverick Homes, visit this page or contact us now at 719-377-2274.

We help people who want to become homeowners, but for whatever reason do not qualify for bank financing with buying a house.  At Maverick Homes, we believe in the American dream and we want to see every family have a home.  See this page for more information or contact us now at 719-377-2274.

When you work with us you will find us to be honest and forthright.  WE WILL NEVER enter into a transaction unless it is clearly a WIN-WIN for everyone involved! If you need to sell a house quickly or one that’s not in perfect condition, or if your mortgage is higher than the value of your house, we may be your best or only option.  However, if we aren’t your best option, we’ll tell you so and help you find the right people to help you.  If you have any doubt, see the testimonials below from people we’ve worked with!  We know that sometimes bad things happen to good people, but we don’t believe those bad things should define the rest of our lives.  Maverick Homes is in the business of helping people move on past difficult times, and of helping people create brighter futures for themselves and their families!

Why do we do it?  We’ve had some difficult times ourselves, so we know how it feels when it’s time to move on. We also know what it’s like to want to buy and own a home again. People helped us, and now we’ve made it our mission to help others.

How can Maverick Homes Help You?  Contact us today to learn more.  Howard and Betsy Zub at Maverick Homes Inc. would be thrilled to help you achieve your dreams!

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