004 betsy 5x7If you or someone you know wants to become a Homeowner but something’s standing in the way, then read this valuable information about how Maverick Homes Inc. breaks down barriers to Home Ownership, and what that means for YOU!

You want to buy a house . . . raise a family . . . plant some roots.  Maybe you want that monthly rent payment to start giving you back a tax break and some long-term financial benefit. Or you just want your home to belong to you. Whatever your reason, good for you! You deserve a piece of the American Dream! So what’s been holding you back?

At Maverick Homes Inc. we know there are many barriers standing in the way of people who want to become homeowners.  We know that sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes good people make big mistakes.  We don’t believe those bad things or big mistakes should define the rest of our lives.  At Maverick Homes Inc. we believe in second chances, and we’ve modeled our business around helping people attain their dreams of home ownership.  That’s why we’ve developed our Lease to Own program that Breaks Down many of the Barriers to Home Ownership!

As I’m sure you know, since the meltdown of the financial and housing markets several years ago, banks have made it more difficult than ever to qualify for mortgage loans. Today, someone with good credit will need 10% to 20% down to apply for a conventional mortgage loan, and someone with poor credit may need 30% to 35% down.

My name is Betsy Zub, of Maverick Homes Inc., and I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about the Lease to Own program we’ve established to help people overcome the many barriers to home ownership!

We don’t check credit scores to qualify our tenant buyers. We believe that credit scores are a look backwards.  We’re more concerned about the future, so we do require proof of income.  We also require references from prior landlords, and a small down payment of 3% – 5% of the value of the home.  It’s been our experience that for people who are serious about becoming homeowners, a 3% – 5% down payment is usually attainable.  We also realize that when someone has a damaged credit history holding them back, it often takes as much as five years of good history to repair that damage so they qualify for good loan terms, so we’re willing to extend our Lease to Own terms out as far as five years.

When you decide you want to buy from us, we’ll gather information about your situation and your needs.  If we have a home that’s a good match for you we’ll show it to you.  Otherwise we’ll add you to our buyers list and contact you when we acquire a home that matches your needs.  Your information will always be held in the strictest of confidence!

If you have questions or just want to learn more, call me now at 719-377-2274, or submit the response form below and ask for my free report about Maverick Homes’ Lease to Own program.  The sooner you contact me, the sooner you could become a Homeowner, so act now!

There are many barriers standing in the way of people who want to become homeowners.

  • Poor credit
  • Insufficient credit history
  • Self-employment
  • Variable income sources
  • Foreclosure or Bankruptcy
  • Outstanding judgments
  • Divorce
  • Insufficient down payment

Consider the Benefits of Working with Maverick Homes Inc.

  • No more humiliating rejections from banks and other mortgage lenders.
  • You’ll know the price you’ll pay for the house before you enter the Lease to Own agreement.
  • You get to live in your house while you’re working to qualify for the mortgage!

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